Basigo CEO Participates in White House Roundtable on Clean Bus Manufacturing.

Basigo CEO Participates in White House Roundtable on Clean Bus Manufacturing.

Editor Wakesho
photo by BasiGo

In May 2024, the CEO of Basigo, a leading electric bus company, took part in a significant roundtable discussion at the White House focused on the future of clean bus manufacturing.

This event, organized by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), was a pivotal gathering aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities in transitioning to low- and zero-emission buses across the United States.

The roundtable featured a diverse group of stakeholders, including representatives from major U.S. transit agencies, bus manufacturers, component suppliers, labor unions, and federal agencies.

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The discussions were centered around ensuring that the U.S. has the manufacturing capacity needed to meet the growing demand for clean buses, thereby supporting national climate and equity goals.

President William Ruto of Kenya, who was also in attendance, highlighted the global perspective on sustainable transportation and underscored the importance of international cooperation in advancing clean energy initiatives.

His presence underscored Kenya's commitment to sustainable development and its interest in collaborating with global partners to accelerate the adoption of clean technologies.

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The Basigo CEO contributed valuable insights based on the company's experience in manufacturing and deploying electric buses in Kenya and other markets.

He emphasized the importance of building a robust supply chain, securing financing for new technologies, and fostering public-private partnerships to scale up the production and deployment of clean buses.

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Key recommendations from the roundtable included the need for flexible procurement policies to support U.S. manufacturers, increased federal funding to bridge cash flow gaps, and the adoption of best practices to streamline bus design and production processes.

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The FTA announced the availability of over $1.5 billion in funding through various competitive grant programs aimed at supporting the transition to zero-emission buses.

The event underscored the Biden administration's commitment to advancing clean transportation solutions as part of its broader climate agenda.

By bringing together leaders from across the industry, the roundtable aimed to create a cohesive strategy for achieving a cleaner, more sustainable public transportation system in the U.S.

This initiative aligns with Basigo's mission to drive the adoption of electric vehicles in emerging markets and contribute to a more sustainable future globally.

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The company's participation in the White House roundtable signifies a growing recognition of the vital role that international players can play in advancing clean energy goals.

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