BasiGo in Rwanda.

BasiGo in Rwanda.

Editor Wakesho

BasiGo the pioneer of mass transit in Kenya has partnered with AC Mobility Rwanda. This is the second entry of the electric company since its inception in Africa,  it has launched  BasiGo Rwanda Ltd., a new entity focused on electrifying the public transport system in Rwanda.

AC Mobility is Rwanda’s provider of automated fare collection systems for public transport. The partnership will deliver electric buses to Kigali transport operators by October of this year through BasiGo’s innovative Pay-As-You-Drive financing model. BasiGo and AC Mobility have signed letters of intent for the pilot with Kigali Bus Service, Royal Express, and Volcano Express, three of Kigali’s leading bus operators.

BasiGo Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Jit Bhattacharya said Rwanda has led the way in creating an enabling ecosystem for E-mobility. Hence, BasiGo is proud to be partnering with AC Mobility, a technology leader in Rwanda’s transport sector, to help accelerate the transition to electrified public transport. Electric buses will be more cost-effective for operators while also dramatically reducing air pollution and CO2 emissions. Through our Pay-As-You-Drive model, the company is excited to bring a complete E-Bus solution to make electric buses accessible and convenient for all bus operators in Rwanda.

Equally, Clare Akamanzi, Chief Executive Officer, of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) added that in line with RDB's mandate to fast-track private-sector economic development in Rwanda, they welcome the BasiGo - AC Mobility partnership to bring electric bus technology to Kigali bus operators as a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to diesel buses. This partnership of public transport technology providers in Rwanda will accelerate the decarbonization of the sector in Rwanda while also alleviating the current public transport shortage. RDB is intentional in its support of this investment and growing a thriving market for electric mobility solutions in Rwanda.

Jones Kizihira, Chief Executive Officer, of AC Mobility Rwanda said they are excited to partner with BasiGo to drive Rwanda’s public bus electrification. The country has recorded rapid transformation, creating a need for a more robust and cost-effective public transport system. The electric buses will help ease the cost burden of public bus transporters and advance Rwanda’s transition to clean mobility. AC Mobility is hoping to leverage BasiGo's experience and network to build a strong electric bus business in Rwanda.

The Government of Rwanda recently announced an initiative to rapidly scale the size of Kigali’s public transport fleet while also aiming to convert 20% of the public bus fleet to electric by 2030.