We must opt for electric vehicles now.

We must opt for electric vehicles now.

Editor Wakesho

As a continent, we need to start laying strategies and encouraging citizens to start importing electric vehicles through the establishment of public charging stations at major hubs. The drive to invest in charging stations is enhanced by consumer preferences rapidly inclining towards passenger and commercial electric vehicles (EVs) on the continent, due to rising environmental consciousness.

Electric vehicles are not just a wave of the future but are here to save lives and climate as we seek to reduce carbon emissions which will generally serve earth justice.

In Uganda, the main sources of air pollution include emissions from vehicles, industrial activities, burning of waste, and among others. To solve the climate crisis, we need to make the vehicles on our roads as clean as possible. We have to change the way we use energy to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

The installation of electric car charging stations is gaining momentum in Africa as investors look to exploit what will develop into a multimillion-dollar market opportunity driven by a growing demand for e-mobility due to the urgent need for alternative energy sources for transport to stave off the growing burden of fuel dependency and as demand for electric cars rises on the continent.

South Africa, the most advanced e-mobility market in Africa, had about 1,000 electric vehicles (EVs) by January 2022 which has really set a good precedent for all African countries.

In Kenya so far there are more than 1000 electric vehicles on the roads. With efforts from several stakeholders electric companies, Kenya power which is the giant power provider have a major role in accelerating the electric vehicle adoption process. With an installed electricity capacity of 3077 MW and an off-peak load of 1100 MW, Kenya has sufficient power to support the entire e-mobility ecosystem.

Emissions from vehicles are not only bad for our planet but our health too. Air pollutants from gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles cause asthma, bronchitis, cancer, and premature death. Electric vehicles give us cleaner streets making our towns and cities a better places to be for pedestrians and cyclists.

Electric vehicles have a smaller carbon footprint than gasoline-powered cars, no matter where your electricity comes from. The electricity that charges and fuels battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles comes from power grids.

The continent needs to come up with a committee that will put up a team to come up with policies on Environment, the committee should set a realistic national goal that all new vehicles sold by 2040 should be zero-emission by setting supporting policies.

Equally, EV-friendly tax schemes can also be an effective alternative to direct monetary grants when it comes to boosting EV purchases.