VW e-Bulli Bus

VW e-Bulli Bus

Editor Wakesho
Photo By VW

Volkswagen has been on the front line campaigning for the electrification of cars. There are several brands of the VW that have been electrified, such as the e-Golf. As a result, they have electrified their classical T1.

T1 was first discovered in 1966 as a combustion car. The car is run by a 35 kWh battery pack and an electric motor that drives the rear wheels. The standard power output is 83 horsepower, but there is an option for a larger electric motor of 101 horsepower.

Converting the T1 incurs a cost of €64,900. VW EVs have low output motor but more powerful motor. The top speed is approximated to be 130 km/h and a range of 200 km which is equivalent to 120 miles. Charging takes 40 minutes to refill to 80% using the 50 kW fast charger.

Due to the new and modern platform, the e-Bulli drives faster than its predecessor. The rear axles come with adjustable shock absorbers and coil struts, new rack , pinion steering and four ventilated disc brakes.

Some interior and exterior features of the car include LED lights that are integrated on the inside too. In the interior, there is a sporty modification on the gear selector as well as the start/stop button.

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