Volvo Penta All-Electric Terminal Tractor

Volvo Penta All-Electric Terminal Tractor

Editor Wakesho

The Swedish company intends to start selling electrified products from 2021. Volvo Penta converted the terminal tractor to fully electric using proven electromobility technology from Volvo’s bus and truck applications.

By fitting and optimizing an electric driveline for a proven terminal tractor, Volvo Penta has gained a deeper understanding of both the challenges and opportunities in the installation process.

Volvo Penta is leveraging the benefits of Volvo’s proven technology and competence in the field of electromobility, combined with a deep understanding of customer applications and needs. Earlier this year it was announced that Volvo Penta will develop the electric driveline in Austrian manufacturer Rosenbauer’s first industrialized electric fire truck.

The strategic partnership with one of the world’s top manufacturers of fire-service vehicles followed the announcement that Volvo Penta is providing the propulsion system to Gothenburg’s all-electric ferry. Both projects demonstrate important steps in the company’s journey to offer electrified power solutions.

Volvo Penta didn’t reveal specs, but usually, these types of EVs are configured to cover a full shift and then fast charge at the depot. The battery and powertrain technology is borrowed from Volvo Buses.