Victoria-based Lumen Freedom becomes the first global wireless charging provider

Victoria-based Lumen Freedom becomes the first global wireless charging provider

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EV wireless charge. Photo:courtesy

Lumen Freedom is an Australian company which becomes the first wireless charging technology  for electric vehicle worldwide,this charging station will be  available for public use. For the last four years, Lumen Freedom has been putting efforts tirelessly to  develop its products .They have partnered with some of the world's leading manufacturers and government bodies.

The company began its production  40 years ago and is a major component supplier for the automotive industry, 2019 October the company started manufacturing wireless charging parts for vehicles with its technology able to be used irrespective of vehicle type, power provider and location.It claims the technology, when it debuts, will change the recharging industry forever, requiring no cables and little downtime to boost battery packs.

The upcoming EVs will be able to recharge while parked over a special mat rather than being plugged into a power source using the chargers, thanks to the new technology by Lumen freedom a company based in Hallam, an outer suburb of Melbourne.Lumen Freedom is one of only a handful of companies around the world leading the charge with the new technology, manufacturing key components required for wireless or inductive  electric car charging.

Lumen Freedom has 12 facilities globally, with 100 engineers in Australia alone and 40 of those dedicated solely to developing its wireless charging technology, including the company's flagship product: a single-box 11 kW system, which is the only one of its kind in the world.

Wireless charging requires several key components such as power source for wireless power transfer, the ground assembly  and the corresponding mated vehicle component. Lumen Freedom has developed all three.In June this year, the Australian company also became the first and only company in the world to be certified by UL – the industry body which approves wireless charging technology for use in the public space.

How it works :-When the electric car parked on a charging slot where wireless charging technology is installed, the vehicle battery starts charging. A coil that comes to the proximity of alternative current-carrying conductor, electricity generated in the coil. The distance between coils should be in such a way that the maximum flux linkage happens.

Under the parking area coils are installed to generate magnetic field that enables wireless charging.  An electric car with wireless charging would also be installed with coils to generate electricity from the alternating magnetic field.

The vehicle parks above the charging spot where the wireless charger is installed. Then high-frequency electricity passes through the wireless charging station.As a result, alternating magnetic fields are generated and electricity is induced in the adjacent coils in the car. The generated electricity is converted into DC using a rectifier (AC-DC converter) and charges the battery.

Advantages of wireless charging

i) No need to carry bulky charging cable in the car

ii) Convenient to use the charger

iii) Safe since the absence of wired connection

iv) Maintenance-free

V) Immune to dirt and water

Disadvantages of wireless charging

i) The difficulty of installation of a wireless charging system

ii) The vehicle has to park on the exact location where charger coils installed to charge the battery