Editor Wakesho

By 2020 Volkswagen will start to launch its ‘I.D.’ range of EVs. Three have already been presented as concepts that is the Crozz, Buzz and plain old I.D. and there is the fourth one and its called the Vizzion, and it’s in the shape of a “avant-garde premium class saloon”, that naturally offers much in the way of autonomy.

The all-electric I.D. Vizzion will have a production version with a steering wheel and Level 4 autonomy on board. To look at the expansive opening created by the Vizzion’s vast doors and the carpeted interior and contoured seating inside, you’d be reminded of Aston Martin’s similarly grand Lagonda concept car. But where the Aston Martin is sumptuous and enticing, VW’s carpet is made out of an unpleasant synthetic material, and the entire interior feels cheaper than it looks.

There’s not much in the way of features on the inside of the I.D. Vizzion: like most concepts, it’s minimal and stripped down, with only a shelf at the front of the car for tossing your sunglasses onto. There are wireless charging pods for phones, which are increasingly becoming a standard feature even in current production models.

On the outside, big, chunky LED strips adorn the front and rear of the car. Their unrefined shape doesn’t look appealing up close, and the LED-illuminated VW logo seems to cheapen rather than enhance the brand. The thing that comes to my mind when looking at the I.D. Vizzion isn’t the finesse or sophistication of Audi’s OLED tail lights, but rather the tacky LED sticks you can buy to colorize the inside of your gaming PC. It’s not a good look. At least VW does something useful with the LED bits at the doors: they replace the door handles with a touch-activated mechanized opening.

The Volkswagen I.D Vizzion Concept will be powered by the two electric motors with one at the front developing power of 100PS, and the other at the rear developing power of 200PS. The Li-Ion battery which is located under the floor with rating 111 kWh would be used for the power supply to motors. The transmission system will have the automatic transmission with drive connected to all wheels.The front and rear axles get an electric motor each, giving a total of 225 kW, or 301 bhp. VW claims a little over 400 miles of range per change, which is either via a conventional plug/charging point or inductive that is through thin air. Acceleration is 0–62 mph claims 6.3 seconds, and the top speed is governed to 112 mph. The wheels are 24 seconds.

For its considerable size, the I.D. Vizzion offers little. It’s limited to a four seat configuration, which works for Aston Martin’s luxe Lagonda, but here feels inadequate. Where the Lagonda and other limo concepts for the future feel indulgently spacious, the VW I.D. Vizzion just seems like it’s indulgently wasting space. It measures 5,163 mm long, 1,947 wide and 1,506 tall, there’s no doubt this is a big car, and therefore deserving of such vast wheels. Those dimensions make the Vizzion longer than a Bentley Bentayga, and almost as wide. The interior is thus quite generous, all the more so for not featuring a steering wheel, pedals or a conventional dashboard. The on-board personal assistant offers various travel modes which alter the position/rake of the seats, ambient lighting, infotainment features and many more . The car can even recognize its occupants via facial recognition and adjust things accordingly.

The ID. VIZZION is a smart car whereby you do not need a driver to drive you to your destinations. It uses inter-connected laser-scanners, ultrasonic and radar sensors to closely monitor the surroundings. There’s no need for the steering wheel, pedals or dash panel, meaning there’s extra space to kick back and relax. To help keep things running smoothly, the ID. VIZZION will reroute using traffic data to help you get to your destination as quickly as possible. In future, the car will also utilize swarm intelligence to help it avoid congestion in both its immediate surroundings and wider environment. This innovative saloon grants personal freedom for all your journeys.

The Volkswagen I.D Vizzion safety features include, Concept braking system will have the ventilated disc brakes at the front and rear with anti lock brake system with EBD and BA, and regenerative braking system. The safety features of surround protection airbags including driver and co-passenger front, side and rear curtain airbags, and three-point seat belts with pretension. The park assist system with 360 degree view camera and audio visual caution for the driver assist for safe parking of the vehicle.

The ID. VIZZION is an extension of your home. Whether in the mood to work or play, the ID. VIZZION caters to your needs. Windows can be darkened and environmental noise deadened for privacy and concentration. HoloLens technology will even monitor your vital data and control the car’s temperature.