The 5 Best Electric Vehicles for Winter Driving.

The 5 Best Electric Vehicles for Winter Driving.

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Driving during winter is one of the most challenging drives you will experience in your life because the roads are incredibly slippery. If your car lacks AWD or the proper tires, things can get messy in a hurry.

Electric vehicles aren't immune to winter driving challenges, and they come with their own unique set of drawbacks. But if you choose the proper EV, winter doesn't need to be depressing.

Here are some of the best EVs for the winter season:-

i) Rivian R1S


During winter many vehicles struggle but the R1S might be over-qualified for the season. The Rivian R1S ensures its passengers are kept safe, even while traversing slippery winter roads, it is able to do so because of the ultra-advanced Quad-Motor all-wheel drive system. The R1S can vary the torque delivered to each wheel, which makes it an off-road beast.

Even some of the most advanced electric vehicles for sale only offer dual motor solutions, so the Rivian is ahead of the curve. What this means for the winter drivers is that the R1S will be able to safely navigate tough conditions confidently. The fact that the R1S also holds a bunch of stuff makes it an ideal vehicle for winter getaways.

The R1S is a much better choice than the Tesla Model X if you want the ultimate winter adventure vehicle. The R1S is also properly equipped for emergencies, featuring a neatly integrated flashlight into the door panel. This truck is ready for anything.

ii) Tesla Model Y


The Model Y is Tesla's smallest electric SUV, and it's basically a Model 3 on high heels. The front end is nearly indistinguishable from the venerable Model 3, and it's not until you eye the taller roof that you'll know for certain that something is different about this Tesla.

It's not particularly good-looking, but it's unmistakably a Tesla. If you need an AWD EV for the winter with plenty of storage space for all of your stuff, the Model Y might be exactly what you need.

If you want your Model Y's cabin to be nice and toasty before leaving your home, you can program the vehicle to get everything ready for you beforehand with the Scheduled Departure feature. According to Tesla's Model Y owner's manual, this feature will ensure that the car is ready to go at a specified time, and with Preconditioning, the vehicle's battery and cabin will be up to temperature before hitting the road.

Tesla fitted the Model Y with a heat pump, which is a much more efficient method of heating the cabin than resistors, which is what many EVs (including older Tesla vehicles) employ.

iii) Rivian R1T


The R1T is one of the best electric pickups and the perfect companion for a frigid winter road trip. The R1T employs Rivian's Quad-Motor all-wheel drive system, like the one in the R1S. This means that this electric truck can navigate rough terrain without breaking a sweat.

It feels like home in the dirt, snow, or sunshine. Although the typical run to the grocery store through a bit of snow might be too tame for this EV pickup truck, the Rivian is made for climbing snowy mountains while carrying tons of cargo in its bed.

Although, just because the R1T might be overqualified to fetch some groceries doesn't mean it's not an extremely comfortable vehicle to go shopping in. The cabin is supremely well appointed, and there's enough storage space in the Rivian, between the front trunk and the Gear Tunnel, to fit anything you need.

The Rivian's interior is much nicer than any Tesla you'll ever step foot in; it's a bit reminiscent of the Lucid Air. This is great news for winter driving because sometimes the dreary, gray weather might sap some of your energy, but the Rivian's interior feels warm and happy. The R1T is most likely the most capable consumer electric vehicle ever made, so a little bit of snow shouldn't be a problem.

iv) Polestar 2


If you want a unique EV and not a Tesla, the Polestar 2 is a great alternative. It's also a great winter tourer in the AWD dual-motor version. The Polestar 2 has an unconventional form factor that looks like a cross between a small SUV and a sedan.

This gives the car a distinct aesthetic you won't confuse with anything else on the road. Once you're done with the winter months, the Polestar 2 dual motor features 408 HP from its electric motors.

Polestar 2  has a towing rate of  3300 lbs. This is not a heavy-duty pickup truck, but it's great to know the Polestar can make good use of its strong electric motors if the need arises, even in winter weather, thanks to its AWD system.

v) Audi E-Tron


The Audi Q4 e-tron isn't just one of the best-looking EVs you can purchase, it's also a confident winter handler thanks to its famous Quattro AWD system. Audi has always been a champion of the AWD platform, and the e-Tron also offers an air suspension that will smooth out any rough wintery road.

The e-Tron's magical AWD system is powered by a dual motor setup, allowing the electric SUV to accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 5.5 seconds if you turn on the Boost feature.

Inside, you'll find a great place to shield yourself from the harsh winter weather. The e-Tron features a stereotypical Audi interior, which is a good thing. It's definitely not a sparse interior like you'd find in a Tesla EV; the e-Tron is warm and welcoming inside.


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