Tesla to set up electric car manufacturing unit in southern India

Tesla to set up electric car manufacturing unit in southern India

Editor Wakesho

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has plans to open a manufacturing site for EVs in the Southern India state of Karnataka in 2021.According to the brief state statement, the  U.S. firm Tesla will be opening an electric car manufacturing unit in Karnataka. The statement was part of a broader document outlining the highlights of India’s budget to its people in the local language of Kannada.

Last month, the electric carmaker incorporated Tesla Motors India and Energy Private Limited with its registered office in the city of Bengaluru in Karnataka, a hub for global technology companies, which started out with an authorized capital of ₹1.5 million ($AU26,500) and a paid-up capital of ₹100,000 ($AU1,800). State Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa sent a tweet that Tesla will start operation in India with an R&D unit in Bengaluru; however, the tweet has been deleted. He also said this will create employment with about  280,000 jobs for the citizens of India to get employment.

Musk has also been sending a communication through his tweeter account about the Company's impending foray into India. Last year  December, the Tesla CEO confirmed in an exchange on Twitter that Tesla will launch in the country in 2021.
India has been keen to reduce its oil dependence and cut down on pollution, but its efforts to promote electric vehicles have been slagging due to a lack of investment in manufacturing and infrastructure such as charging stations. To boost investment, India plans to offer $4.6 billion in incentives to companies setting up advanced battery manufacturing facilities.

Tesla’s main EV operations are based in the US, but it has also created a huge manufacturing facility in China and is building a similarly sized plant in Germany.

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