Tesla or Ford pickup?

Tesla or Ford pickup?

Editor Wakesho

The debut of Cybertruck arouses many concerns from aspiring EV owners, some being skeptical of its external appearance, but for the EV enthusiasts know the specs matter most and not the external features. Ford electric pick was the only giant electric pickup to be produced in the EV world, let us compare the cyber truck and the F-150. The F-150 for years has been the best-selling pickup in the US, as well as the best-selling vehicle in ages. The Ram is next in line this year in terms of sales, but it’s still some 200,000 copies behind the F-150’s 600,000+ trucks sold.

Tesla’s Cybertruck may have a hard time converting Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado owners, but it might open up a new segment of the pickup truck market, according to a survey from the automotive research site Autolist.

The roughly 1,100 respondents were asked, assuming they had to buy one and their specs were similar, whether they would prefer General Motors ‘ upcoming electric pickup truck, the electric version of Ford’s F-150, the Rivian R1T, or Tesla’s Cybertruck. They voted as follows:

  • GM electric pickup truck: 29%
  • Electric Ford F-150: 27%
  • Rivian R1T: 24%
  • Tesla Cybertruck: 20%

Respondents who have owned a pickup truck expressed an even stronger preference for GM and Ford, with 63% of them saying they would prefer one of the company’s electric pickups. Just 14% of current or former pickup-truck owners chose the Cybertruck, while 23% chose the Rivian R1T.

But among those who have never owned a pickup truck, the Cybertruck was the favorite, getting 25.8% of the vote, just above the Rivian R1T, which received 24.8%.

The survey suggests that Tesla may have more difficulty attracting current pickup truck owners than it has had to persuade BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota owners to purchase its Model 3 sedan. Yet, the Cybertruck’s popularity among survey respondents who have never bought a pickup truck indicates that Tesla may be able to bring new customers into the pickup market.

The survey’s assumption that the specs on each pickup truck will be similar is also significant, as the Cybertruck’s listed specs top those of the R1T and 2020 F-150 in areas like maximum payload and towing capacity. Ford and GM have yet to disclose many details about their upcoming electric pickup trucks.

Cybertruck’s styling is polarizing, but that hasn’t stopped the excitement among potential customers. Since its November unveiling, the Cybertruck has attracted at least 250,000 refundable $100 preorders.