Tesla Model X

Editor Wakesho
Model X

This is an SUV that performs exceptional in all aspect. The Model X is as fast with a 911 turbo, doing 0–100kph in 3.1 seconds with the latest Model X P100D, and reaching a top speed of up to 250 km/h. The range of the Model X goes up to 542 km.

This car has a silky smooth drive and no gearshifts to be felt when accelerating .The batteries are mounted on the floor hence lowering the center of gravity therefore a stable ride and prevents rolling over. When you look around the car design you will not fail to notice the falcon like wing doors on the second and third rows.When you open it upwards you will be able to get into the car easily without struggles and you can be do it in tight parking spaces. The doors are electronically operated hence can open and close by themselves hence a bit challenging to the driver.

Model X falcon wings door

Once you are inside this car you will immediately feel as if you part of the surrounding .Model X is fitted with the largest windshield,this gives you a completely unobstructed view of the sky above. The cabin inside is lit up with LED lights ,comes with air filtration to remove bacteria and pollution.

You can fit up to 7 people and carry extra gear if needed. It has a front trunk, and the largest interior storage capacity of its class.

Model X heatshield

Its generally automobiles depreciates with time, parts need replacing,and even new models get released with this in mind it can you thinking of upgrading or trading your car after a short while. But for the Model X you do not have to worry of any of these problems.Model X software has been updated up to 8.0 , this includes the voice commands, regenerative braking, media player, trip planner that shows up on the gorgeous touch screen display, and the falcon wing door.

Safety features include coliision warning and accident avoidance systems.The battery is 75 KWh or 90 KWh microprocessor controlled , lithium-ion battery which takes below 30 mins to charge it to 80 % using the supercharger.

Price: $77,100