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As the name suggests, the e-Survivor is all-electric. It is illustrated to have an electric motor inside all four wheels, giving electric four-wheel drive. Ultra-high ground clearance, huge wheel arches and almost nonexistent overhangs suggest class-leading approach and departure angles, and knobbly tyres cement its off-road ability. Suzuki also claims that lightweight construction is employed to improve this capability even further.

A two-seat layout and open roof hark back to the X-90 of the mid-1990s and Suzuki claims that the personalities behind the Jimny and Vitara are also present in the e-Survivor.

Design and Interior

Inside, there’s a spherical display which shows the car and its immediate surroundings; sensors on the car presumably transmit this information to the screen.A screen on the centre of the steering wheel, and one making up the lower portion of the windscreen, with integrated augmented reality demonstrations of the outside world in front of the car, complete the futuristic infotainment system.In spite of the far-ahead projection, the e-Survivor still has a steering wheel and driver controls, suggesting that Suzuki predicts full autonomy will not reach this area of the market.

It also features a large glass panel that hides the opening and closing mechanism of doors. It comes equipped with a spherical display that shows the car and its surrounding areas. Adding to it, the vehicle gets several sensors mounted around the SUV that give the information to the screen. It has a navigation system and a wide monitor for displaying online information and images from vehicle cameras. Smartphones and a variety of other electronic devices can be connected to the vehicle to display information on the topography, nearby vehicles, weather, and more.

When you look at the car what you notice first is the radical design. It has massive open wheel arches, off-road wheels and a huge ground clearance. A key element of the design is the T-top roof derived straight out of the 90’s. The wheels gets blue lights and the grille and headlamps get white LED elements to add to the futuristic look.

Look under the skin and you will see that it is still a ladder on frame design. This is a key element of the e-Survivor’s personality. This means that Suzuki is still planning to stick to conventional frames even in the future. Another key element here is the steering wheel. That is important because while most manufacturers are looking to replace the human element with autonomous tech.The e-Survivor is a 4x4, with each wheel being driven by an individual electric motor.

As mentioned above, the e-Survivor mini SUV is built on the ladder frame chassis and has a lightweight compact body. Face of the concept looks largely identical to the Jimny compact SUV featuring 5-slot grille flanked by round headlights. This model also gets white LED illuminated border on the grille slots and around circular headlights. The Blue illumination on the alloy wheels and under body add more to its sporty looks. The SUV comes fitted with huge wheel arches and sporty large tyres.

The e-SURVIVOR is equipped with autonomous driving capabilities. Along with that, it can also be switched to manual mode for off-road driving at any time. This supports safe, fun driving that suits road conditions and the skills or intentions of the driver at any time. A fine blend in which analogue and digital co-exist happily, the e-SURVIVOR is the realistic vehicle of the future.

The bumpers are very interesting to look at. They look like made from a single piece of metal. The tail laps are also very funky. Suzuki e-Survivor concept has a large glass panel. The hinge mechanism of doors is hidden within it. It has several sensors that give information about the surroundings. There is a spherical display to show this. The steering wheel is unique and has a screen mounted on it as well.

Summary specs

  • Overall length x width x height 3,460 x 1,645 x 1,655 mm
  • Power source Electric motors (Dual front-rear motor axle units)