Solar energy to power EV and how to install them

Solar energy to power EV and how to install them

Editor Wakesho

Sun plays an important role, not only supplying energy and light but also can be used to power electric cars.

As car manufacturers continue to increase their electric vehicle offerings, there is a need for innovative strategies to provide sustainable electricity sources to power those vehicles. Homeowners who are interested to switch to electric cars to reduce carbon emissions should think about installing a solar-powered charging station. This way, they will have a sustainable fuel source for their transportation needs, no matter what type of energy their grid relies on.

When you get solar panels installed on your home, one of the main pieces of equipment that convert DC energy into the AC energy that your home uses, is the inverter.

For one to use solar to charge the EVs, you need to know how much you drive daily, weekly, or monthly. For example, if you have 100- mile running errands daily, you will need to install a large solar panel. However, if you live in a highly-populated area and you don't commute daily you will need much lower solar energy. Therefore, to know the exact solar panel you will need, you must figure out how much energy your electric vehicle will need per day.

The type of car you own is not of concern what is important is reducing transportation needs and protecting our environment. You can also be able to charge your EV with a solar panel roof while you are driving. Several startups and auto companies around the world are increasing focus on solar developments. The world is rushing for clean mobility, a Dutch company Lightyear plans to launch its solar-powered electric cars that can ooze 450-mile range. The company has partnered with a research company Royal DSM to boost the adoption of electric vehicles that come equipped with integrated solar rooftops.

In 2019 Hyundai motor company released its first solar-powered EV. Also, Toyota partnered with NEDO and Sharp Corporation to have a road test of the solar-powered EVs. Elon Musk confirmed that the Cybertruck will have a solar rooftop that can generate enough power to go for 15 miles on daily basis per single charge.