Sinogold GM3

Editor Wakesho

The GM3 is an electric MPV that looks far too much like the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, mixed with some Volkswagen Sharan.The dimensions of the Sinogold and the Citroen are almost totally the same: the size of GM3 is 4615 mm/1845 mm /1655 mm and wheelbase of 2840 mm while that of Picasso measures 4597 mm/1826 mm /1652 mm and wheelbase of 2840mm.

These cars have exactly the same wheelbase and almost the same height and width. The Sinogold GM3 is a proper Chinese clone. But the Sinogold GM3 is an electric, whereas the Citroen is petrol-engine only.

The GM3 is powered by an electric motor located over the front axle. Output is 163 hp and 250 Nm. Range depends on the battery; 300 kilometers on a 55 kWh and 405 kilometers on a 66 kWh battery. The average speed is 60 km/h range goes up to 400 kilometer for the 55 kWh battery and a massive 520 kilometers for the 66 kWh battery. The charging time is approximately 8 hours on 220 V or 40 minutes with a fast charger for 80%.

The rear end looks like that of Volkswagen . The Sinogol log is found between the lights , the logo is in blue color.