Renault Fluence

Renault Fluence

Editor Wakesho

This car is powered by 280 kg of lithium-ion batteries that is located behind the rear seats . The front grille design has also been altered and the rear bumper features a diffuse. The power delivery is seamless and gets you from a standstill to 30 mph in 4.1 seconds. The linear acceleration feels like it could go on forever but it can’t, because the car is limited to 84 mph to conserve energy.The 166lb ft of torque is immediately at your disposal. Due to the lack of noise and urgency, it’s easy to forget that the car is capable of pulling away from junctions in a hurry.

Inside the Fluence is a new digital dashboard fitted with all models . A redesign of the 7-inch full colour touch screen allows access to controls for audio, satellite navigation, communication and in-vehicle systems. Bluetooth connectivity allows selected smart phones to stream music directly to the quality Arkamys sound system.

The Renault Privilege gains a new Bose audio system that has been specially adapted for the acoustics of the Fluence passenger compartment. The system includes a digital amplifier and 9-inch sub-woofer. The top line Renault Fluence Privilege sedan has leather upholstery.

The Renault Smart Card ‘key’ is now completely hands-free. The engine is started or stopped by a dash-mounted button. A proximity sensor means the driver can simply walk away and the car will lock itself. Rear parking sensors complement a reversing camera with a guidance function on the Fluence Privilege. All Renault Fluence sedans come with dual front, side and curtain airbags as well as ABS brakes and electronic stability control.

The car measures it measures 4,618 mm long, 1,501 mm high and 1,809 mm wide