8 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Motorcycle

8 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Motorcycle

Editor Wakesho

We believe the future is electric, the future seems to be close home than we imagine. Electric mobility is growing, this is evidently whereby all the forms of transportation are slowly moving to Electric, there are electric planes, ships and so many more ( air to water transportation) are going electric.

Years back when you talk about EVs people did not understand what it exactly meant, some had fears of being electrocuted if the car is in contact with the water, range anxiety among many myths that surrounded the EV mobility. However, 10 years later this theory is changing with so many EVs seen on the roads of different countries both developed and none developed. Kenya, for example has fleet of close to 40 EV (Nissan Leafs) from Ekorent company or popularly known as Nopea ride which is an electric taxi company.

Owning a motorcycle comes with several advantages such as:

  1. Zero pollution to the environment: Traditional motorcycles get crazy good gas mileage, but it's still gas that pollutes the environment. They may burn less of it per mile than a car, but they’re still burning it. What’s more, even though they burn less, they emit way more exhaust and greenhouse gases. For the past 40 years, the automotive industry has been putting efforts  towards reducing emissions and improving gas mileage. Motorcycles have not. Without the same kinds of catalytic converters or emissions sensors, motorcycles have been kicking up roughly 4x more hydrocarbons, 32x more nitrogen oxide, and 80x more carbon monoxide than cars.
  2. Accessibility:- Traditional motorcycle control the sequential transmission.  Manual gear has largely fallen out of fashion but in gas motorcycles, having an automatic transmission is incredibly rare. But that is not the case with electric motorcycles. Given the fact that they basically only have one large gear, there is no need to shift. Operating an electric motorcycle is as easy as twisting the throttle to go and squeezing the break to stop.
  3. Low maintenance cost:-No leaky gaskets. No spark plugs. No oil changes. Electric bikes don’t have air filters, oil, spark plugs, timing belts and some don’t even have a clutch or gearbox. So there is very little to check, replace or maintain, except tyres, brake pads and brake hydraulic fluid. And even brake pads last longer because the electric motor can do a lot of the braking.Apart from saving you time, it also saves you money on consumables and repair and maintenance. For people interested in motorcycles, but not in getting their hands dirty electric bikes take the cake. It saves money too because you need only under $2.00 to refill the battery.
  4. Electric bikes thrive in cities:- Having to stop because of traffic in the middle of the city wastes fuel. A lot of breaking, idling, and accelerating they are energy waters for gas vehicles. However, with electric motorcycles stop and start city travel is what they live for! When idling, they waste next to no energy, and thanks to regenerative breaking, frequent stopping means that they end up actually recharging their battery.
  5. They are fun to ride:- With an electric motorcycle, you get the added benefit of instant torque. This means, as soon as you hit the throttle, you start accelerating. The same happens with electric cars, but the feeling really comes alive when you’re out in the open, feeling the wind rush all around you.
  6. Not bothered by the traffic:- In most urban areas, congested streets are a major problem. Roadway gridlock slows traffic to a halt and creates a situation where thousands of cars are idling and pumping out tons of extra exhaust. And the kicker is most of these cars only carrying one person. Now imagine half of these people on electric motorcycles or scooters. Instead of people driving around with four empty seats, they’d just be taking up their own space, thereby easing the flow of traffic and creating a faster travel experience.
  7. Lightweight:-The development of electric motorcycle is driving engineers and scientists to try new lightweight materials and aerodynamic designs. These new technologies will also flow down to conventional motorcycles.
  8. Electric Motorbikes don’t overheat:- They do not have hot engines or exhaust pipes. Kids would always get burned by the exhaust pipes but now with the e-motorbike they need not worry  because never overheat, and you will never burn yourself on an exhaust pipe.