Proterra Catalyst E2 Electric Bus

Proterra Catalyst E2 Electric Bus

Editor Wakesho

If you want a quite environment and clean air that is free from pollution caused by combustion engine cars then you will definitely advocate for the electric buses. With cities and countries opting to go electric way and ban the combustion cars in few years to come due to global warming switching to electric is the way to go.

Transit buses, with their carefully proscribed routes and known route times, are an excellent application for electric vehicles, considering that they don’t need to have a widely distributed charging infrastructure, and given that they operate in dense urban areas, where air quality is already under pressure from the sheer volume of vehicles, this clean transport option is the wave of the future. Not only are electric buses said to be more economical to run and maintain (fewer moving parts, less impact from volatile fuel prices, and much lower external costs from air pollution), but they can also offer a quieter transportation option in cities where noise is already an issue.

California based company unveiled its Catalyst E2 bus with a range of 1,102 miles on a single charge which is the longest distance traveled by an electric vehicle without recharging it. The E2 Max uses a 660 kWh battery and hides it in the 40 foot long bus body. Compared to that of Tesla Model S P100D has a 100 kWh battery to achieve a 315 mile range. Hyundai also has its electric bus Elec City bus that has a 180 mile range from a 256 kWh battery pack but can be fully charged in an hour. Proterra drives 258 miles with 257 kWh of battery capacity, followed by 603 miles with 440 kWh.

Charge time is between 3.5 and 5 hours, which is plenty short enough, considering the long range of the bus (and that they can charge during the night, when they are out of service), and the company calculates that E2 owners can achieve a sum of over $450,000 in per-vehicle savings over 12 years.

Some of the specifications found in this car are; Brakes which are Front & rear air disk brakes , Chassis Carbon that is in fiber-reinforced composite body, Engine Permanent Magnet Traction Motor. The size of the exterior is 11 ft. 2 inch high. Electric capacity 440kWGVWR39,050 lbs. Head room is as :Front axle 90 inch and rear axle 74 inch . Its length is 40 ft and passenger capacity is 77 seating people and a wheel base of 296 inch.