Nissan Pushes Ahead With EV Agenda In Japan

Nissan Pushes Ahead With EV Agenda In Japan

Editor Wakesho
Photo by Ed Harvey / Unsplash

Nissan's goal is to generate 50% of sales in Europe and 30% in China, EVs by the year 2022.

Nissan Leaf has been the pioneer of EVs. Therefore, it is gearing for electrification of the Japanese models by April 2020, with hopes that the COVID-19 pandemic would have found a solution. It plans to electrify Dayz minicar in 2021.

Nissan will also offer hybrid versions of the Kicks SUV, which comes to Japan this summer, and of the Note subcompact. The X-Trail SUV will also be offered as a hybrid when redesigned next year. These hybrids will use the company’s proprietary e-Power system.

The 2018 sales of EV included hybrids and aims to have 50 % electrification by 2022. The sales of EVs and hybrids will help reduce procurement costs. This initiative is part of the wider industry trend with Automotive companies opting for EVs other than combustion. Its competitive company Toyota Motor seeks to sell hybrid, plug-in hybrid or pure-electric versions of all its autos worldwide by 2025.

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