Nio EP9

Nio EP9

Editor Wakesho

The wide-body racer is claims a 0–62 mph in 2.9 seconds, 0–125 mph in 7.1 and top 196 mph. It comes with one whole megawatt of power, which translates into 1,341 bhp. If you keep your foot off the throttle, you’ll be able to consume around 265 miles per charge, with just 45 minutes required to bring the battery back up to full. You can also be able to replace the battery pack in 8 minutes . It is also equipped with cooling systems that keeps the battery at the right temperature therefore ensuring peak performance .

The Nio EP9 is a futuristic, streamlined speed wedge, with a look that screams modern hyper car with its ultra-low, ultra-wide stance, massively flared fenders, and centrally placed cabin. As you might expect, carbon fiber is used for the exterior panels to keep the machine lightweight. There are also active aerodynamics elements to add extra stick at speed. The most prominent component to the aero is the rear wing, which can adjust into three separate positions for either more down force or lower drag, as the situation may warrant. These positions are labeled as “Park,” “Low Drag,” and “High Down force.” You can imagine what each looks like in terms of the rear wing’s position. The sizable rear flap comes complemented by a full-length floor diffuse, with a flat under tray and curved slats that extend from the nose to the tail. The large front splitter is adjustable as well.

The interior of EP9 has carbon- laden cockpit design that are look alike to that of race car. Seating capacity is limited to two passengers maximum and six-point harnesses keep you in place. The steering wheel is simplified to look like that of NextEV’s Formula E racing wheel, and it’s even made by the same company that produces the competition unit. The shape is rather rectangular, with a flat top and a curved lower section, and there’s a trio of buttons to help adjust settings for the ABS, power output, and traction control.

The seats fitting and not adjustable.They are curved out the rear bulkhead because of the nature of the car which is race car.There’s also contrast stitching added in turquoise, plus lots of black material everywhere else. The bronzed metal surrounds are added to the center console switch dial and steering wheel center .

The EP9 has variety of digital screens, including one in the steering wheel, one behind the steering wheel, one on the center console, and one in front of the passenger seat. These digital readouts relay a good deal of performance data on the fly, with stuff like top speed, lap time, available battery power, active aero settings, road speed, lateral g forces, and even the driver’s heat beat spread across the various screens. These are divided up such that the most important stuff is close at hand that is the center screen is used for lap times, a track map, and car’s current position.

The size of the car measures 19 inch and 21 inch wheels. The wheels are 13 inches wide with slick-shod of 19 inch rollers, and 10.5-inches wide for the street-friendly 21-inchers. Both wheels get slick carbon fiber inlays. The tires are 295 mm/35 mm for the street compound, and a behemoth 320 mm/705 mm for the slicks.

Price is $1.2 million.