My 500th Story About EVs

My 500th Story About EVs

Editor Wakesho
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Like any other graduate after graduation, all I was doing is dropping CVs to different companies with the hope of finding an internship or maybe a job. I cleared my college in July 2018 and this was the hardest part because I had to mature enough, I am not saying I was not mature before but having cleared college means more responsibilities which I was ready to tackle.

During my final year, we had a blogging project which everyone was to have his /her own story with the topic that you felt conversant or loved, I knew for sure I loved cars though I had not stepped on any driving schools or owned any car before, am from a mid-income family that buying me a car was not a priority because of the financial ability.

This was to be my only chance now to show my interest in a car and also to learn and research cars as well. On the first day of the Online Journalism or OJ as my classmates and I would call it, the lecturer came in and as expected we all had to say what our topics and the motor for the blog will be. I am a front seater student throughout my school life and that meant I was to answer first, that did not trouble me. My blog name would be called ‘Wheels’ and the motor Drive your dreams. This wowed my classmates when I said it and I definitely knew I had a bigger chance to be successful on my car journey because no one actually blogged about cars on the whole class that was to graduate in 2018, this was a privilege right………

August 2018 is a miraculous month for me, I have a friend who has been following on college blog surprisingly he has been having interests on cars but not just cars electric cars so after a couple of lunch dates and coffee he suggested I could start research on EVs and maybe that could be my breakthrough, I love challenges and sure this wasn't to pass me. 13/08/2018 I wrote my first article I researched on EVs that cost less than $3 I look back and all I can see is growth.

My boss and also a friend has been the greatest pillar on my writing career, he keeps on correcting and giving me more tips on how I can write and for sure that's what everyone would want from their seniors, a boss who can listen to your ideas and help you grow career-wise. I am not yet a super writer about EVs, but I am learning to differentiate chargers because we have level 1 and level 2.

I am at my 500th plus story this isn't the end or a place to brag about I know so many people have thousands of stories on their webs, but I choose to celebrate my small wins……… I will update you on my 1000 story. I am up for the challenge.