More Public EV Charging Stations For Germany

More Public EV Charging Stations For Germany

Editor Wakesho
Photo by Sophie Jonas / Unsplash

Frankfurt German's public network for EVs has grown by 10,000 charging stations, this is a 60% growth from last year.

In May  2020 a total of 27,730 growth was recorded compared to 17,400 a year ago, this is according to the BDEW (German Association of Energy and Water Industries)industry association, the fast charging spots share up to 14 percent BDEW added. The data comes on the heels of fresh investment to expand electric vehicle infrastructure in Germany, which has been slow to embrace the shift towards battery-powered cars.

BDEW managing director Kerstin Andreae noted that the coronavirus crisis is a great challenge for charging station operators. Therefore, it is even more relevant for them to receive government tailwind in the further build-out.

A week ago a stimulus package of 2.5 billion euros ($2.8 billion)  was unveiled by the government  which is meant to help build more electric charging stations and battery cell technology.

Around 280,000 electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids are currently registered in Germany. Existing public infrastructure can cater for 440,000 cars.