Mitsubishi MINICAB MiEV

Mitsubishi MINICAB MiEV

Editor Wakesho

The MINICAB MiEV comes with 10.5 kWh and 16.0 kWh lithium-ion drive batteries which provide a cruising range of 100 km and 150 km, respectively. The smaller lithium-ion battery needs 4.5 hours to charge fully from a standard power point and 15 minutes to fast charge to 80 per cent. The longer range model takes seven hours to charge and 35 minutes to fast charge to 80 per cent.The high-capacity drive battery is located under the floor and the motor, inverter and other EV components are located under the cargo compartment. The result is cargo compartment space and payload capacity of 350 kg with two occupants.

The Mitsubishi MINICAB MiEV’s motor delivers a maximum output of 30 kw (41 hp). The biggest advantage offered by the electric vehicles is that maximum torque is available instantly from the moment you start the motor. Mitsubishi’s electric van can churn out a peak torque of 196 Nm.

The van is very quiet which makes it the ideal commercial vehicle for transporting delicate goods or delivery work early in the morning or late at night in residential areas.The MINICAB MiEV shares the same components with the i-MiEV including drive battery, motor, inverter, on-board charger, air-conditioner and rear suspension.

The vehicle is also equipped with a regenerative braking system that can use the motor as a generator during braking and store the recovered kinetic energy as electricity in the drive battery.

All models are fitted with ABS and TCL (traction control) as standard, and with a vehicle-approaching alert system which, at vehicle speeds of approximately 25 km/h (15.5 mph) or less, emits an audible warning to alert pedestrians to the approach of the vehicle.

For regular charging purposes The MINICAB-MiEV comes standard with a 200V AC (15 amp) cable that fits outdoor sockets used for EV battery charging. A 100V AC (10 amp) cable and a Quick Charging Connector are available as factory-supplied options.

The MINICAB-MiEV comes in a choice of three body colors: White Solid, Cool Silver Metallic and Titanium Grey Metallic. Exclusive decals which accent the advanced nature of EVs are available as factory-supplied options.


The vehicle shares the same exterior design with the Minicab CD Van .The exterior style is enhanced by a boxy shape and the short nose.The headlights are placed higher than usual, but they look pretty modern and are nicely integrated into the front fascia. The front grille comes with a basic rectangular shape, while the three diamond logo it’s placed in its center.

The front bumper is big and imposing, featuring a vertical stance and a rugged design. The vehicle is placed pretty low to the ground to make loading and unloading operations easier. To offer more flexibility the Minicab i-MiEV van it’s also fitted with standard sliding side doors and twin rear doors that offer easy access to the cargo bay.

It measures 3395 mm long, 1475 mm wide and 1810 mm tall.The Minicab-MiEV is pretty compact, being 760 mm shorter and 180 mm thinner than the Suzuki APV which at the moment is one of the smallest vans sold globally.


The van feels pretty cramped as its cabin is heavily affected by the compact exterior dimensions. There are however few tricks which help the interior feel slightly more spacious and practical that it really easy. For instance the dashboard features an ergonomic design which maximizes the use of space, being fitted with cup holders, cabby holes and even a small glove box, all helping you to store your stuff safely.

The instrument cluster features an attractive design and looks pretty futuristic keeping you posted on various vehicle stats including a Digital Speedometer, Power Meter, Drive Battery Residual Charge Indicator and Available Range displays. You won’t have any complains about the controls and switches either, as everything is in the right place.

The driver can use a drive selector to choose from three driving modes namely D , Eco,B. This allows you to choose between normal operation, lower output/energy-saving operation, and operation in which the regenerative brake bias is increased.While driving, you’ll hold an attractive three spoke steering wheel which looks great and ads a dose of sportiness in an otherwise pretty dull atmosphere.

The seats aren’t the most comfortable units you’ll find around and leg room is more on the cramped side.The road visibility is excellent it comes with huge windscreen and the generous lateral windows. The door mirrors are also up to the task and they manage to cover all blind spots, keeping you well informed of what’s going on behind.

Price starts at around $22,300