Mercedes EQC

Editor Wakesho

The Mercedes EQC is an all electric car, with two electric motors (one for the front wheels and one for the back ) the EQC boasts the equivalent of 408 hp and acceleration of 0–62 mph in just 5.2 seconds. If you want to use EQC as your only car you should charge it up to 280 miles, if you plug your EQC into a more powerful DC charger you will be able to recharge the battery from 10–80% in 40 minutes. Having a motor for both the front and rear axle mean the EQC is four-wheel drive, so there is lots of grip on slippery roads and should also be pretty handy off-road. You can even use it to carry luggage of up to 1,800 Kgs in weight, a task that the EQC should manage easily thanks to its sizable 765 nm of pulling power (torque).

EQC rear

The Mercedes EQC is framed by fiber optical lighting that surrounds the grille , connecting the left and right headlights that flows into deep front bumper. The headlights are pretty and have blue LED. EQC has a classic look with an SUV roof line and glass area that runs down to the rear window. The charging port is found above the rear wheel at the right hand side and the large alloy wheels.However, Mercedes has not fitted the roof of EQC with roof rails compared to other SUV.The rear spoiler does the same it runs down the side of rear windscreen. You will not fail to notice the chrome strip that runs the length of the rear bumper and frames and exhaust pipes.

Interior of EQC

The interior is styled with shiny black plastics and infotainment screen that can be seen from the top of dash board. There is also Mercedes’ turbine-style air vents and rose-gold louvers . The leather, metal and open-pore woods and metallic textures that makes the interior look beautiful and comfortable to ride. Apart from the the inside looking inside there is plenty of space for four people with flat rear floor therefore giving space for passengers at the back.

The infotainment screens measures 10.25 inch it is controlled by a touch sensitivity pad that is found between 2 front seats, the infotainment has several functions such as how power is being distributed around the car four wheel drive system and charging places.It also has the voice activation system all you need to do is start with “Hey Mercedes”, the system can also be used to control car system such as turning the heater on while still driving. The MBUX system( infotainment system that supports wireless carplay) brings artificial intelligence for you to learn your movements throughout the week and also present the sat-navigation before every trip. If you usually call home on the drive back from work, the system will automatically offer to make the call and it can also switch radio stations, say if you often tune to the evening news.

EQC steering and infotainment

A benefit of the EQC’s electric power train is that it allows for pre-entry climate control, so you can heat the interior remotely or on a timer, meaning on cold days there’s no need to have to worry about deicing the car. In summer you can also be able to cool the cabin before you get in.

The EQC offers five driving modes including Max Range, which can coach you to drive the car as economically as possible. Set in Max Range, the EQC’s accelerator pedal vibrates to tell you when to take your foot off such as when going down hill or approaching roundabout. When you your foot off, the accelerator will provide all the stopping power you need in normal driving, while also topping up the battery.

If you’d rather not drive at all, then you’ll also be able to leave the EQC to get on with the job for you. Active Distance Assist Distronic allows the EQC to steer in lane and detect tailbacks of traffic up ahead, slowing the car accordingly and therefore bring the car on stop if need be.Automatic emergency braking comes as standard, but you can also pay for extra Driver Assistance Package and you’ll also get evasive steering assist, which can automatically steer the car around an imminent accident, and Blind Spot Assist, which will apply the brakes if you try to pull out in front of a car that’s hidden in your blind spot.

Price is approximated to be $ 55,000