Mazda Demio EV

Mazda Demio EV

Editor Wakesho

The Demio EV uses a permanent-magnet three-phase AC synchronous motor featuring a coil-switching system. Conventional electric motors provide either high torque at low revolutions, or low torque at high revolutions. According to Mazda, the coil switching system enables the motor to have both of these characteristics, and also allows it to be smaller than an ordinary motor with the same power output.

The Demio EV’s Li-ion battery uses 18650-type cells connected both in parallel and in series, giving it a high energy density, the company says. Thanks to the compact battery and the coil-switching motor, the new EV offers the same cabin space and cargo volume as the gas model, and weighs only 419 lb more. The unique permanent-magnet three-phase alternating current synchronous electric motor with a unique coil-switching system produces powerful take-off and acceleration as well as a relaxed acceleration feel in the high range. When the vehicle decelerates, the motor works as a generator and converts the vehicles kinetic energy back into electricity.

The Demio EV has a fast charging port in the front and normal charging port at the rear, making it compatible with the CHAdeMO quick charge system and the regular 200-V charging system. The fast charging system complies with the CHAdeMO standard, and can charge the battery from the point at which the low-battery warning light comes on to about 80% of capacity in just 40 minutes.(When used a fast charging system with 50 kW of output)

Using the 200-V charging cable, the Demio EV can be charged in much the same way as other household appliances. It can be fully charged in approximately eight hours from the point at which the low-battery warning light comes on. It also features Remote Charge mode that allows the owner to set the start and stop time for charging and Timer Charge mode that charges the vehicle at a pre-set time.

The following operations can be carried out for the Demio EV with a PC or smart phone via Internet.

i)Remote reservation, start and stop charging
ii)Remote reservation start and stop air conditioning
iii)Email notification of start and stop of remotely controlled operations
iii)Battery status check

Electric vehicles make very little noise when running because they do not have engines. For this reason the Demio EV features a device designed to alert pedestrians of the vehicle’s approach. At speeds of 25km/h or less, speakers mounted inside the engine bay generate a pseudo-driving noise which changes with vehicle speed.

Summary specs

Type:Lithium-ion battery

Total Power: 20kWh

Total :Voltage346V

Volume :Approx. 160L

Drive FF

Seating capacity 5

Overall length: 3,900 mm

Overall width:1,695 mm

Overall height:1,490 mm

Wheelbase:2,490 mm

Tread (Front/Rear):1,485 mm/1,475 mm

Minimum ground clearance: 140 mm

Interior length:1,815 mm

Interior width: 1,425 mm

Interior height:1,220 mm

Vehicle weight: 1,180 kg

Tire size (Front/Rear)175/65R14 82S