List of Electric Vehicle startups in Africa.

List of Electric Vehicle startups in Africa.

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An electrical vehicle (EV) startup is a company that's breaking into the electric car industry and competing with traditional automakers. These companies get their funding from seed capital, crowdfunding, or loans. They also develop key partnerships with investors to help scale the startup. Here is a list of some of the startups in Africa and the yers they were founded.

  1. Ampersand Electric Motorcycles (Rwanda)  began operations  in 2014.

Ampersand makes better, cheaper, more powerful motorcycles for the millions of motorcycle taxis in East Africa. And they're electric. They currently have extended its operations in Kenya. It has swap stations in Kenya.

2. Shift EV ( Egypt)  began operation in 2020.

Shift EV is an electric mobility technology startup with a mission to electrify fleets in emerging markets, one decade faster.

3. Opibus (Kenya) began operation in 2017

Opibus accelerates the transition towards sustainable transport and energy solutions in East Africa. The company has several electric motorcycles on the Kenyan roads, electric bus and swap stations for electric vehicles.

4. BasiGo (Kenya) began operation in 2021

BasiGo is a Kenyan early-stage e-mobility start-up creating the future of clean, electric public transit in Africa.The company has tremedous growth having on mass transit. End of 2022 a total of 15 busses were ofloaded in the Mombasa port. This year they added more bus on the road away from the two that began plying the Nairobi routes.

5.Zembo (Uganda) founded in 2018

Zembo is the a Ugandan startup which is paving the way to e-mobility in Africa

6. Mobility for Africa (Zimbabwe) founded in 2018

Mobility for Africa is a start up social enterprise committed to creating transport solutions for rural and peri-urban communities in Zimbabwe.

7. eWAKA (Kenya) founded in 2021

eWAKA Mobility Limited is Africa’s foremost electromobility company, which is set to revolutionize e-mobility across the continent.

Top Electric Vehicles Startups and Companies in South Africa

8. Forever powered- Founded in 2021

The company innovate solutions to solve global problems using energy.

9. Magutsa energy - founded in 2018

It is  South African based automotive startup that develops electric vehicles. Their focus is in the developing unique alternative energy solutions that allow them to become Africa’s first global distributer of electric vehicles.

They are currently developing 3 models; a four door sedan, a sports coupe and a sports utility vehicle. They believe in a future in which there are zero-emissions and are a part of securing a more sustainable future with minimal emissions attributed to the automotive industry.

10. Malesedi energy solution- founded in 2018

They specialize in scooters. Malesedi provides a last-mile delivery, Research, Development & Demonstration and SME commercial service that has the commitment of their  international supplier to bring value-added local assembly, manufacturing and promotion of electric scooters to the South African market. Through their partnership they are able to offer the South African last-mile delivery service sector with electric scooters that will reduce operational and maintenance costs by up to 40%