KenGen to start shipping electric cars in Kenya.

KenGen to start shipping electric cars in Kenya.

Editor Wakesho

Kenya Electric Generating Company (KenGen), a giant electric production company has installed an EV charging station in Nairobi. Kenya is joining forces with other stakeholders in the EV industry to push for more electric vehicles in the country.

Catherine Nyambala, an engineer at KenGen, said the power producer will in the coming days' ship in electric cars to test the station and help with data that is key to boosting policy legislation for e-mobility.

The revelation comes barely a month after Kenya rolled out the first electric bus as the shift to e-mobility gathers pace.

E-mobility is a critical plank in the global push to reduce pollution through the use of clean-powered vehicles that will significantly cut the reliance on diesel and super.

“At KenGen, we have an electric vehicle charging station already installed and soon we are bringing in the electric vehicles to help in data collection for e-mobility,” Mrs. Nyambala said during a panel discussion at the Sustainable Energy Conference held last week.

“E-mobility is the fastest way that as a country we are going to do the transition because of displacement of fuel.” Kenyan electric vehicle start-up BasiGo introduced a Sh5 million passenger electric bus in March in anticipation of increased demand for environmentally friendly transport.

The 25-seater bus is designed by the world’s largest manufacturer of electric buses BYD Automotive and has a 250-kilometer range with a recharging period of fewer than four hours.

Kenya Power said that it has enough power to charge electric vehicles. It said that has enough electricity to charge 50,000 buses and two million motorcycles during off-peak hours.

The usage of clean-powered vehicles, which will considerably reduce the reliance on diesel and petrol, is a key component of the global effort to reduce pollution.