Is It Time To Switch To EV?

Is It Time To Switch To EV?

Editor Wakesho
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The world has been hit by the COVID-19 virus, which has affected the economy, however, this could be the best time to research on your next motor upgrade.

The UK plans to go fully go electric by the year 2035 there are few questions that people have in mind before they switch.

Are EVs truly environmentally friendly?

Those who adopted EVs in the early day and those who are to adapt are in a limbo of deciding if truly the EVs are the saving power for EVs. Various studies have shown that electric vehicles, while not entirely green, are not as polluting as petrol and diesel equivalents.

Has range issue been tackled?

Since EVs were introduced in the market the range has been an issue, the range was very low, but now everything is taking a new shape with some EVs having a range of more than 450 miles on a single charge. You no longer need to spend over £80,000 on an expensive Tesla to travel more than 200 miles on a single charge — more affordable examples from Kia (Kona Electric), Hyundai (e-Niro) and Tesla (Model 3) can achieve these sorts of figures in the real world.

Do EVs have fewer moving parts?

It is true EVs have fewer moving parts, therefore, no need for regular servicing of the car. Older cars also suffer a higher breakdown rate than other fuel types and spent twice as much time in the garage than average. This means EV owners are the most satisfied car owners.

The Tesla Model S has been the most-loved car for years, and the current Nissan Leaf has been voted the medium-sized hatchback that is most satisfying to run.

EVs are easy to run?

EVs can be charged at the home, office or at the charging station on the road. This translates to the ease and pride of having one. Many networks, each requiring an app, a website or a radio-frequency identification (RFID) card, is a plus when you have an EV.

Have EVs become more affordable?

What are stopping people from purchasing an EV is because they think they are expensive, some charging points are free, the rates being charged by some public charger networks can make it very expensive.

But we have EVs that are less than $10,000.

My thoughts- With all these answered questions concerning EVs, it is very wise to say that EVs are truly the future of the transportation industry. They play a major role in the environment and as proven above that they are cheap to run on the road. I hope this time of the COVID-19 will make you chose what best suits you. COVID-19 will end soon.