Invest in an electric car and the planet will thank you.

Invest in an electric car and the planet will thank you.

Editor Wakesho

The world is racing to end global warming, as a result, there are plans to switch to electric cars globally. Several automotive brands such as Tesla have paved the way for the standardization to purchase an electric car. Some companies have been motivated to purchase for technology purposes, investing in an electric car is better for the globe than the internal combustion engine vehicles. Cars fueled by diesel or petrol contribute to global warming and pollution.

According to the United States, Environmental Protection Agency a passenger vehicle emits close to 4.6  about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide yearly. In calculation, it means there is a total of 22 miles per gallon which can drive to around 11,500 miles per year.  And for each gallon burned creates about 8,887 grams of carbon dioxide.

As of now, Earth is the only planet that has oxygen that keeps people, animals, and even plants alive. The massive Carbon dioxide emissions caused by gas and ICEs vehicles outnumber the benefits of having one.  Electric cars constitute only 3% of the automotive market, there is a need to widespread these cars to reduce the finishing of the ozone layer.

The initial price of an electric car is slightly higher for now than those of gas engine cars, however, electric cars are cheaper because they don't need gas or oil changes this saves drivers hundreds of dollars annually. Electric Vehicles are highly effective. They run quieter than gas vehicles, require less frequent maintenance, and depending on the source of energy, electricity is renewable.

Manufacturing an electric car uses a lot of energy. The emissions during the production are higher than that of conventional cars. This is because of the manufacturing of Lithium-ion batteries which power EVs, as the technology advances some changes have softened the production process, the amount of emission emitted during the production of batteries has improved.

There is also the growth of recycling batteries in the market. Second-hand batteries are recycled in new technology such as electricity storage. In the future, we could have batteries in our homes to store energy. This opportunity reduces the environmental impact of battery manufacturing.
Even after taking battery manufacture into account, electric cars are still a greener option. This is due to the reduction in emissions created over the car’s lifetime.

Some of the gas cars are cheaper but end up costing more to run due to the maintenance cost and also the economic impact caused by ICEs. Purchasing an EV is an investment not only for the consumer but the entire planet.