Haima Freema EV

Editor Wakesho

Freema EV stores power in LiFePO4 battery packs of 320V and 75Ah (each unit is of 3.2V and 75Ah). It is said to consume less than 14 kWh per 100km and has a range of about 160 km in road tests.

The electric motor, built by Wanxiang EV Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Wanxiang Group, has a rated power output of 20 kw and peak output of 40 kw.

Freema uses 3H highly rigid body structure, further strengthen the both sides of the door frame and roof, equips strengthen board, in order to reduce the possibility of passenger compartment deformation and create the greatest protection to vehicle passengers.

Summary specs

Battery Type :LiFePO4

Battery Capacity: 320V 75Ah

Max Motor Power (kW): 40 kW

Top Speed (km/h): 90

Range (km):160

Energy Consumption (kWh/100 km):16

Fast mode Charging Time: 2 hours


Length (mm):4,295

Width (mm):1,705

Height (mm):1,555

Wheelbase (mm):2,670

Curb Weight (kg):1,549

Seating Capacity: 5