Ferrari's first EV to be SUV

Ferrari's first EV to be SUV

Editor Wakesho

The Italian automaker is working on two SUV's that will be electric. The SUV will be named Purosangue, is designed to fit battery-electric powertrains, and will have two electric SUV code-named the F244 and F245 in 2024 and 2026, respectively.

The SUV comes with four- motor powertrains and pack 610 horsepower and 80 kilowatt-hours of battery capacity in base guise. It reported that the SUV could fit five people due to a central driveshaft tunnel no longer being needed. This contrasts with the upcoming Purosangue, which is expected to be a four-seater, just like the GTC4 Lusso.

In 2019, former Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri said the automaker was studying the potential for an electric grand tourer and said such a model wouldn't be ready until after 2025 as a result of lack of suitable battery technology. Since then, patent drawings filed by Ferrari for a modular electric drive system discovered.

During the launch, the Purosangue will contain V-12 spitting out 800 horsepower, with a plug-in hybrid powertrain using a V-8 engine expected to follow at a later date. The  SUV with a V-12 should help build credibility for a vehicle that one does not associate with a brand like Ferrari.  The company will ensure that the Purosangue is among the fastest SUVs in production when it finally arrives. More to follow; keep it here.