EVs Are Switching To Silicon Carbide Power Electronics

EVs Are Switching To Silicon Carbide Power Electronics

Editor Wakesho

Silicon carbide power electronics market is booming as new electric cars and charging equipment need to be more efficient. The necessity to make electric cars even more efficient is one of the major forces behind the transition from silicon to silicon carbide power electronics.

This month also Volkswagen has shown serious interest in silicon carbide, selecting Cree for Volkswagen Group FAST Program to secure silicon carbide supplies for upcoming EVs.

The success of electric vehicle drives heavily depends on the maximization of energy conversion efficiency. Losses in power electronic converters increase system size, weight and cost, raise energy demand and limit the operating distance range. Advances in semiconductor technology can remedy these problems and silicon carbide devices are of special interest in this context. This material enables manufacturing high-voltage devices with lower on-state voltage drop and shorter switching times, thus reducing both static and dynamic power loss. In this paper, recent achievements in silicon carbide technology, as well as their applications in electric vehicles, have been reviewed.

These silicon carbide manufacturing mega-hubs will accelerate the innovation of today’s fastest growing markets by producing solutions that help extend the range and reduce the charge times for electric vehicles, as well as support the rollout of 5G networks around the world. This represents the largest capital investment in the history of silicon carbide and GaN technologies and production with a fiscally responsible approach.

The expanded campus also creates high-tech job opportunities and will serve as an advanced manufacturing workforce development initiative. Cree plans to partner with state and local community and four-year colleges to develop training programs to prepare its workforce for the long-term, high-quality employment and growth opportunities the new facilities will present.