Editor Wakesho

The Enviro200EV is a pure electric bus it is grounded solidly in meeting the needs of today’s operators.One of the attractions of the all electric, zero emissions Enviro200EV is the fact that acceleration is seamless.A total of 324 kWh of power is stored in the vehicle. A smaller battery pack is located beneath the cab floor that powers auxiliaries such as lights, heater fans and other on-board systems that are charged from the batteries.

The Enviro200EV brings together the proven battery and electric technology of BYD and the outstanding design and build expertise of Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL). BYD is already the world’s leading manufacturer of all-electric buses having produced more than 10,000. ADL is the UK market leader and one of the world’s fastest growing specialists in designing and building buses that meet the demands of modern operators.

The installed power level of 180 kW is similar to that found in heavyweight diesel buses, and so the driver has little opportunity to unsettle standing passengers when accelerating.That’s also the case when slowing, and while regeneration commences as soon as the accelerator is released, the brake pedal gives a very smooth stop when used in moderation.One area of note for drivers is the possibility of the bus rolling back slightly when coming to rest on a gradient, or even with a wheel in a pothole.Whenever this occurs you can apply handbrake immediately or halt brake.

Heating is also provided as well as a filler that is found towards the rear offside, near to the charging connection. Twin electrical connectors are hidden beneath a flap at the rear offside. Each charger’s power is 40 kW. One or both can be connected, which naturally has an effect on charging time.Each of the hub motors has a separate ECU under the bonnet; the ECUs are water cooled, and so a small radiator is mounted at the extreme rear on both sides.

No gear changes mean a gentle, smooth and quiet experience that all passengers will love. Better still, the Enviro200EV retains all the class-leading features of ADL’s and successful Enviro200 midi-bus, including excellent low-floor access, spacious interior, large windows, and LED lighting.

Thanks to its larger wheels, front wheel arch intrusion is more noticeable than on a diesel integral, and the seat mounted on the offside front wheel arch extends into the gangway.Immediately behind the centre doors, two shallow steps take passengers into the rear seated area. With the exception of the front row, a further step is then needed to reach the seats as the aisle here is sunken.Because of their standee specification, the Go-Ahead buses have a huge number of bright yellow vertical and horizontal handrails, and each seat is topped by a yellow grab bar.Passenger seats are fitted, with USB charging points for all of those in the rear section.There is also a section for the wheelchair users therefore accommodating all kind of people.

The heating system draws in air via a large floor height grille behind the offside front wheel.It vents at the same level along the offside of the bus, with a protective skirt keeping any openings away from passengers.It works automatically the driver must not control it since it works automatically. ,

Just four opening windows are fitted, this can cause a problem on a heavily-laden, slow-moving bus in warm weather, but there is a air chilling device that is available on the bus hence no need of more windows. Ambient noise of the Enviro200EV is very good.

The BYD dash is almost to luxury car specification and includes a small steering wheel with polished metal trim.Switches and buttons are logically sited, although some of the other dash components have negligible use; a tachometer counts motor RPM (which is directly proportional to road speed), and information about the degree of charge being taken from the batteries, or added under regeneration, is unlikely to concern most drivers.Motion is selected by diesel-style D, N and R buttons, and the handbrake is conveniently sited to the driver’s immediate right.

Cab heat and air-conditioning is controlled by rocker switches, and the former is highly effective.Visibility from the cab is excellent thanks to large mirrors and set-back A-pillars, and storage space is good.The driver also benefits from a small monitor that displays a CCTV feed of the saloon that can alternate to the reverse camera when required. Unusually, CCTV also monitors the pedals; room for the driver’s feet around the steering column is very good.