Electrify Canada To Install 20 New 350 kW Charging Stations

Electrify Canada To Install 20 New 350 kW Charging Stations

Editor Wakesho

Volkswagen built Electrify America, its U.S. multi-brand-compatible network of EV charging stations, as part of a settlement with authorities there over its Dieselgate scandal. But now the automaker has voluntarily expanded that effort with a Canadian arm to give electric vehicle owners that same level of charging access.

Electrify Canada announced early October that it plans to open 20 350-kW-capable charging stations. The charging stations will be located near major highways and in major metro areas in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.

While you wouldn’t be able to jet clear across Canada via the charging network, you’ll now probably be able to take reasonably long journeys in the western and central parts of the country — with a properly long-range electric vehicle, that is.

The company’s app is available on both Android and iPhone for EV charging customers who wish to enjoy the ease of starting and tracking a charging session from their smartphone. The Electrify Canada app allows users to locate a charger, pay for a charge, track charging, charging history, and more.

The only car that can utilize the 800-volt chargers to their full potential is, currently, the Porsche Taycan, which can be charged at up to 270 kW. Tesla’s Model 3 can charge at only 250 kW right now, and other brands’ EVs charge at about 150 kW.

Charging stations for multiple types of connectors will be available; all stations will have a 350-kW CCS DC fast-charging connector, as well as one with 50-kW CHAdeMO fast-charging. The rest of the station’s chargers will offer 150-kW CCS fast-charging.

Pricing is based on 75-kW-, 125-kW- and 350-kW-per-minute power levels. There is a $1 session fee per charge-up, but an Electrify Canada Pass+ is only $4 per month, which waives the session fee and knocks the cost down by roughly 20 cents per minute.