Electric Vehicles Startups in Netherlands.

Electric Vehicles Startups in Netherlands.

Editor Wakesho

The Netherlands has been making efforts to have electric vehicles on the roads. There are 252 Electric Vehicles startups in the Netherlands. Here is a list of the 10 most exciting ones.

  1. Dott (Founded in 2018 at Amsterdam)

App-based platform offering electric kick scooter rental services. App-based platform offering electric kick scooter rental services. Their app enables users to locate an available vehicle, scan its QR code to unlock the vehicle, and start on-demand dockless rentals. Users are free to park the vehicle at any legal space at the end of their rental. The company cooperates with city administration & local authorities to set up custom mobility solutions & infrastructure. Also, it claims to offer e-bike rental services. The mobile app is available for iOS & Android devices.

2. Lightyear ( Founded in 2016 in Eindhoven,Netherlands)

Developer of solar-powered electric cars. The company develops solar-powered cars with features like a five-seater capacity, wireless key, wireless charging pad, and more. The solar panel is placed on the rooftop of the vehicle to get optimized charging of the vehicle in real time.

3. VanMoof ( founded in 2009 in Amterdam, Netherlands)

Manufacturer of electric bicycles. The company develops various models of electric bicycles Vanmoof S3, and VanmoofX3. It offers features like automatic electronic gear shifting, rider recognition, chain-tensioning systems, anti-theft technology, tamper detection, remote lockdown mode, silent motors, hydraulic brakes, and an integrated app allowing users to check battery levels, locate their bicycles, and track rides. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

4. Tenways ( Founded in 2021 in Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Manufacturers of electric bicycles. The company designs and develops electric bicycles that include features like portable batteries, sporty/upright geometry, lightweight, etc. Customers can buy bicycles and other accessories through the platform.

5. Leap24 ( founded in 2021 in Amersfoort, Netherlands)

Operator of electric vehicle charging stations for delivery vans and trucks. The company offers electric vehicle charging stations for delivery vans and trucks. It provides plug-in charging devices and claims to offer spacious parking spaces, automated payment cards, and others.

6. Check ( Founded in 2019 in Rotterdam, Netherlands)

App-based platform offering electric-scooter sharing services. The platform enables users to find, book, and unlock the vehicle by using the mobile application. It offers features like variant payment options, eco-friendly rides, etc. At the end of the ride, users need to place the vehicle in the mentioned service area. The mobile application is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

7. QWIC ( founded in 2006 in Amsterdam, Netherlands)

QWIC is a developer of electric bicycles. Its features include a rear-wheel motor, derailleur gear, mid-engine, step-less hub gear, integrated battery, rotation and force sensor, and a luggage carrier. It also offers foldable variants for last-mile transport.

8. ChargeTrip (founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands)

SaaS-driven electric vehicle management and route planning solution. Their app helps the drivers locate electric vehicle charging stations and accordingly calculates the fastest route of the trip. It provides API documentation, routing, a white-label website, and more.

9. Goego ( founded in 2019 in the Netherlands)

Provider of electric vehicle charging solutions. It provides charging solutions for homes, businesses, and public charging. Users can locate the charging points through the mobile app. Its mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

10. ROCSYS ( founded in 2017 in Delft, Netherlands)

Rocsys specializes in providing charging station automation solutions. It offers a completely automated self-parking and charging station and enables an increase in the electric vehicle charging station asset utilization.