Changjiang EV eCOOL

Editor Wakesho

The power comes from an electric engine with an output of 34hp, top speed is 136km/h, range is 200 kilometer, and charging takes 7.7 hours on 220V or one hour on a fast charger for 80% battery. Its size is 3620mm/1620mm/1560 mm, wheelbase is 2400 mm, and curb weight is 1389 kg. It can accommodate up to five people.

The interior of eCOOL

The interior of this car is dull due to its color scheme. Its main attraction is found in the full size touch screen at the center of the car and also the trendy drive selector found between the seats.

eCOOL Rear lights

However , not all is lost the eCOOL has a greater look from the behind. The rear lights are connected with the fashionable chrome strip. And for the lovers of cigarette you have the lighter and ash tray located right after the touch screen , so there’s no need of you having to open the window to through away the ash while you are driving.

The cost is approximately $12,000