Changan CS15 EV

Changan CS15 EV

Editor Wakesho

The new Changan CS15 EV is a pure electric SUV model with range largely improved than that of its existing model, overtaking the range of the BAIC CJEV EX360, a popular model in its same class. Power comes from an electric motor with 75 hp and 170 nm, good for a 110 km/h top speed and a range of 300 kilometers.

Keeping the same curb weight as that of the existing model, the new Changan CS15 EV is powered by a ternary lithium battery pack with capacity increased to 49 kWh, 6.08kWh more than the existing model. Compared to 300 km of the existing model’s range, the new Changan CS15EV’s range is extended to 351 km. Moreover, its maximum range is expected to exceed 400 km.

The new EV model is expected to retain the same design style as the existing model, featuring two-layered three-dimensional intake grille at its front end and dynamic daytime running lamps on both sides. Thanks to the well-rounded and multi-layered rear end and a silver fender at the lower part of the rear end, the model demonstrates a strong sporty sense.

The ca measures 4,100 mm in length, 1,740 mm in width and 1,630 mm in height with a wheelbase of 2,510 mm.


If you look at the front of the CS15 you instantly notice the striking shiny grille and LED fog lights in the bumper. Wheels are a bit tiny, but in our test model they come with red brakes and sporty black alloys. Roof rack is vast and totally useful. This particular white car is one-tone, but two-tone color combinations (black and white) are available as well. In other words, the expert and creative Changan design team fashioned muscular exterior curves to bear flowing muscles.


Inheriting the CS Series’ elements of technology and style, the CS15 EV’s interior accentuates uniqueness, energy and style. The quality of every detail is enhanced to endure many years. Steering wheel looks a bit obsolete. But, the touchscreen is big, the buttons are cool, the plastic that looks like aluminum is shiny, and the sporty seats with the red stripes makes them special.

Summary specs

Battery capacity :42.9 kWh

Doors :5

Power: 75 hp

Maximum speed: 130 km/h

Coupe type: SUV

Seats: 5

All-electric range: 300 km

Electric motor Torque :170 Nm

Drive wheel : Front wheel drive