Editor Wakesho

It is a two axle 40 inch long bus with 47 seats and just like BYD’s transit buses, can go over 190 miles. C9 has a lithium-ion iron phosphate battery pack of 365 kWh and can be recharged in less than 2 hours by way of a 200 kW charging system. The company says the battery will retain up to 80% of its capacity over its 12 year useful service life.With two 180 kW and 1,500 N·m (1,106 lb-ft) in wheel brush less AC synchronous motors (BYD-TYC180A) C9 can go up to 62.5 mph (101 km/h).

BYD has also two other battery powered buses , the three axle C10 which is 45 inch long, seats 58 and has the same propulsion system. It has a larger 394 kWh battery that can be recharged in 1.3 hours using a 300 kW charger. It has the same 190 mile range as the standard size C9.

In addition, the company will offer a smaller 23inch coach called the C6. It will seat 21 passengers or can be configured as an executive luxury transportation vehicle. It’s top speed is 78 mph and it has a range of 125 miles. The C6 uses a single 180 kW electric motor and has a 152 kWh battery. It requires about 2 hours to recharge via a 100 kW charger.

Price is $96.99