Bugatti Royale Electric Sedan Might Be Coming In 2023

Bugatti Royale Electric Sedan Might Be Coming In 2023

Editor Wakesho

Hot on the heels of Bugatti’s recent revelations about the possibility of launching an electric car, a new juicy report from the U.K. attempts to shed some light about the zero-emissions machine from Molsheim. According to CAR, the Bugatti sans combustion engine is being prepared for a 2023 market launch as a pure electric sedan riding on a stretched platform adapted from the forthcoming Porsche Taycan.

The new four-door Bugatti is allegedly slated to revive the iconic “Royale” moniker and make extensive use of carbon fiber to keep weight in check. While the Taycan is about 4.85 meters (191 inches) long, its EV counterpart from France will reportedly be much longer,so we’re probably looking at a car that’ll stretch beyond five meters (197 inches) to give it the stature of the ultimate luxury car.

As far as styling is concerned, CAR goes on to mention it will take cues from recent Bugattis such as the Chiron, but with some retro cues inspired by the original Type 41 built during the late 1920s and early 1930s. No word about the interior, but you can imagine it will be highly customize given the car’s rumored price tag of €700,000.

While the Porsche Taycan is going to offer more than 600 horsepower, the revived Bugatti Royale is set to provide somewhere in the region of 870 hp thanks to three electric motors. An all-wheel-drive system seems likely, as do solid-state batteries and level 4 autonomous driving capabilities.

Bugatti is looking to introduce a second and far more affordable model to its lineup, one that is characterized as a best-in-segment daily driver. More importantly, it’s an electric vehicle. There’s still no timetable for this proposed model, in large part because Bugatti’s big wigs have yet to make a decision on the car. If it does get the green light, don’t expect this Bugatti to feature Chiron-level power. It’s still going to be fast and powerful, but it will also put premium importance on luxury and comfort