2019 Fisker EMotion

2019 Fisker EMotion

Editor Wakesho

EMotion is entirely electric luxury car. Electric motors generate 780 horsepower, enough to send the all-wheel drive sedan from zero to 60 mph in under 3 seconds. The EMotion comes with a lithium-ion battery pack big enough to deliver 400 miles of range, more than Tesla’s Model S.ver.

Fisker designed the EMotion with autonomy in mind from the get go. Multiple Lidar sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras help it drive itself in a variety of situations ranging from stop and go traffic to highway cruising. It still comes equipped with a steering wheel so the user can choose to take the wheel when the occasion calls for it.

The EMotion competes with Model S. It therefore borrows couple of things from the Tesla playbook; including a fast-charging system analogous to Tesla’s Superchargers. Called “UltraCharger,” Like other fast-charging systems, though, the time for a full charge could be significantly longer.

Carbon fiber wings and spoilers are used front to back, while something called a Daylight Opening is placed in the flanks with double-polished aluminum molding for the surround. The taillight housings get a thin design.

There’s also some pretty crazy-looking butterfly doors that open up and outwards from the body. Owners can operate the doors via their smartphone, either opening or closing them as desired, while illuminated Flush Touch Handles provide a more hands on approach. The flush design also helps smooth out the exterior aero a tad.

Carbon fiber and aluminum structures underpin the overall design, while the 24-inch wheels can be optioned in carbon fiber and aluminum for added lightness. The exterior is also bristling with technology that adds to the list of driver’s aides and assists. For example, the front end gets an aluminum centerpiece with a LIDAR system, while the side mirrors house two visual cameras for a 360-degree panoramic view sent to the driver.

At the front there are chunky, blunt nose that’s sliced and diced with all manner of vents, creases, and swoops. The outline is classic Fisker, with hints of the DB9 seen in the shape, while the VLF Force 1 V10 is a clear influence in the cutouts and intakes. High on the fenders, we find adaptive LED headlights.

Moving to the side, the drawn back lines in the nose continue into hugely flared wheel arches, which are filled to capacity with large, black wheels wrapped in ultra low-profile rubber. Blacked-out side skirts visually compress the body, squeezing and stretching it while keeping the under body nice and flat.

In back, the overhang appears to be very short, with a fastback, almost hatch-like appearance for the tail. The flared-out rear fenders plump it all up and give it a nice stance, completing the sporty, aggressive look.

Finally, the exterior dimensions are measured at around 5 meters (196.85 inches) in length and 1 meter, 48 cm (58.27 inches) in height.


Step into the Emotion's cabin space through those wild butterfly doors, and you’ll find a luxury interior. The basics include space for four passengers there ias well as a 27-inch curved rear screen on the “Chauffeur Edition” for those owners who prefer to take a spot in back.

The interior is decked-out in ultra-soft leather, but Fisker will also offer a vegan option for those uninterested in parking their back sides on animal hide. In terms of design and customization, Fisker offers individually designed seats, with the details tailored to the customer’s preferences. The colors in question in the latest round of pictures include Caramel and Midnight Black. There’s also a four-zone electrically adjustable tinted roof with electro-chromatic glass up top.

It also has interior screens, including a large curved center screen up front and center. There’s also inductive charging capability for smartphones, with up to four phones accommodated. Carbon fiber is used for the center console, and there’s a variety of storage bins for passengers’ various tablets and mobile devices.

The car has frontal crash structure offering greater protection than that outlined by current standards for safety.The compact packaging of the electric powertrain should provide a good amount of interior room.

The EMotion is equipped with a newly developed electric power train layout, offering more than 400 miles of range per charge and a top speed of 161 mph. The AWD and top speed are both impressive, but the really amazing number is the 400 miles per charge. Considering the current crop of EVs can’t even touch that sort of distance.

Price is estimated to start at $129,000