2018 Yudo Pi 3 Electric

2018 Yudo Pi 3 Electric

Editor Wakesho

Yudo is a new car brand found in China. It is making several electric SUVs and crossovers no sedans or supercars. Their first two cars will be the Pi 3 and the Pi 1.

The pi 3 has a Lexus-like snout in black instead of in bling. It has black wheel arches, black pillars, a black roof and black wheels. It also has roof rails to attach the bicycle to. All in all a fine looking car. It is powered by an electric motor with 53 hp and 270 nm. Range is claimed to be 300 kilometers.
The cars has black out windows and dashboards with a trendy pod on top and a touch screen in the middle.
The pi 1 is one size smaller than the pi 3, and styled a bit more conservatively, although it does have fuzzy blue thingies in the bumper. The Pi 1 will be available with two battery packs: 24 kWh for a 200 km range, and 40 kWh for a 330 km range.

Dash of the Pi 1 touch screen is actually a mobile pad that the driver can take with hi to Starbucks to look good . Pod on dash top seems a tad smaller than in the Pi 3. Two fine looking cars, and they are electric. The Pi 3 certainly has a distinctive design, whereas the Pi 1 looks a tad too common.

Price range is from $27.350 to $30.310

Summary Specs

Engine: 90 kw

Fuel : Electric

Electric motor power (kw) :90

Electric motor torque (Nm) :270

Driving range (km) :500

Battery capacity (kWh) :50.4

Number of motors : 1

Charge time : 80 minutes

Battery type: Lithium

Maximum speed (km/h) :140