2018 Tesla Model S 75D

2018 Tesla Model S 75D

Editor Wakesho

The ‘75’ refers to a 75 kWh battery but the virtue of this entry model is that its battery is good for a range around 230 miles.The 75D seems to pack a total of 415 bhp, giving it the impressive performance credentials of a 140 mph top speed and 4.2 seconds 0–60 mph acceleration time.

It’s a good beast, especially now that the frontal styling has been modernized and simplified.At the inside the car is pleasantly modern. The fascia is dominated by a massive screen that is central to the driver’s activities and can be configured in a variety of ways, presenting the car’s running history in large and impressive detail, perhaps, or providing the biggest navigation screen going. Or, of course, showing details of the audio system or ventilation.

The car is simple to drive. You use buttons to choose forward or reverse motion, or a park mode, and that’s about it. The performance especially acceleration is highly accessible; it accelerates very strongly, and especially quick off the mark in traffic because there’s so little to do, and the response of the motors is clean and instant.

The handling is good, mostly because the car’s weight is centered in the battery, which is extremely low in the car. The steering sets a good , gearing and accuracy, although it doesn’t quite have the precision of the very best from the likes of Jaguar. You’re always aware of the 75D’s 2100 kg mass as it corners or brakes, but it’s a curiosity rather than a difficulty. But laden with luggage and people, it goes well into Range Rover territory.


Rapid charging enables longer journey by adding as much range as possible in the shortest amount of time. Charging power will decrease significantly after 80% state-of-charge has been reached. A typical rapid charge therefore rarely exceeds 80% . The rapid charge rate of an EV depends on the charger used and the maximum charging power the EV can handle. Here are the details for rapid charging the Tesla Model S 75D.

  • Max. Power: maximum charging power the vehicle can use
  • Avg. Power: average charging power over a session from 10% to 80%
  • Time: time needed to charge from 10% to 80%
  • Rate: average charging speed over a session from 10% to 80%

Summary Specs

Price: £75,950

Battery: 75 kWh

Power :415 bhp

Gearbox :single speed

Kerb weight: 2090 kg

Top speed :140 mph

Acceleration : 0–62 mph 4.2 seconds

Range: 230 miles (490 Km)

Rivals :Jaguar I-Pace